Thursday, November 6, 2014

Mama and Little Collab

A few months ago I discovered the amazing Mama and Little teething jewelry.  I had basically given up hope on ever wearing any sort of necklace again since Emi started teething.  Since she was born I had been wearing my favorite Christmas gift from last year (three days before Emilia arrived!), a sweet "e" initial on a dainty silver chain from my hubs, but turns out dainty necklace and crazy, active, kind of nutsy baby do not go together.  So, like I said, I had given up hope.

Enter Mama and Little.  I ordered my first necklace, the Anna, and Emi absolutely loved it.  I promptly ordered one for my best friend to give to her at her baby shower.  I had to share the love.  Mama and Little's jewelry is so much cuter than any other teething jewelry I've come across. The colors are completely on point.  And the styles are far from the typical "teething necklace" look.  Not to mention they are made of 100% food-grade silicone, dishwasher safe, and made with a breakaway safety clasp.  Do you need more?!?

Emilia and I "met" Arlene of Mama and Little through Instagram and were so honored when she chose us to take some photos for her new website!  Seriously.  Go order these adorable necklaces and bracelets now! When I say I wear one literally every day, I am not exaggerating.

Here are some of the photos we took for mamaandlittle.  You can find all her amazing designs at

Lexi Necklace in Bubblegum and Linda Bracelet in Bubblegum

Jess Necklace and Finley Bracelet in Milk

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  1. You girls are the cutest and we love all of your styling! You're a fab asset on our site and repping for us! :)