Monday, February 10, 2014

Emilia's Nursery

I have been looking forward to writing this post since Emilia's nursery was finished about two months ago.  I had a vision in mind for her nursery as soon as Dan and I found out we were having a girl.  I wanted something classic and feminine without being PINK. 
When planning Emilia's room I quickly found myself with a major design challenge.  Dan inherited a beautiful upright grand piano from his grandmother.  It is a gorgeous antique and it is HUGE.  So huge, in fact, that Emi's room is literally the only room in our whole house that this piano will fit.  And I don't just mean from an aesthetic standpoint, I mean logistically, this piano only fits in this one spot!

At first I was disappointed because the piano wasn't conforming to my vision. However, I quickly found that not only would the piano fit into my vision, it would become one of my favorite parts of her nursery. And I think you'll agree.  Not to mention Emilia loves to lay on her rug while her daddy plays a little something for her.

I provided information on where to find some of my favorite items in her room.  And feel free to pin away ;)  Enjoy!

changing table | Pottery Barn Kids
ballerina print | September McGee

 chandelier | Pottery Barn Kids
chalkboard | World Market
lullaby sheet music | etsy

  Man in the Moon silver spoon | Tiffany and Co.
"E" artwork | Handmade by my mom
 Mr. Boddington's Penguin Classics | Anthropologie

Genevieve crib bedding collection | Pottery Barn Kids 
adorable baby | she's mine, sorry :)

 "E" | Anthropologie
clock | Anthropologie
blanket | Avoca
Ugg boots | Nordstrom

I do have plans for that large blank space above Emilia's crib.  I am currently working on a canvas of my favorite portrait of her from her newborn photo shoot.  I can't wait to share that with you when it finally arrives! Hey! It's her room, she should be the star!


  1. Love the owl in the crib♡♥♡♥Sheet music is precious. #everynurseryneedsapiano

    1. Thank you Linda! And I agree, I hope I am starting the piano in every nursery everywhere movement :)

  2. Coolest thing about the piano is how I heard Dan playing it while Emilia was with him in her room. He also plays the guitar for her! What an awesome Dad! And, what an incredible Mom who was able to make her nursery work! It's my favorite room in your house as it is so light and airy and feminine!