Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

Emilia and I are celebrating by sharing the...

Three Baby Items We LOVE Valentine's Day Edition!

1. The Honest Company Diapers

Not only are these diapers adorable (they come in the cutest prints!), but they are non-toxic and eco-friendly.  How ridiculous is it that you have to seek out baby products that leave all those harmful chemicals behind?  But, that's the world we live in!  Before becoming an Honest convert, I was under the impression they were too expensive to be worth it.  Well, I did the math, and we are saving by buying the monthly bundle of diapers and wipes from Honest (we were buying Pampers before) and I am so happy with the products so far! Plus, Emilia is decked out for the Day o' Love right down to her diaper :)

2. Lana Del Rey Born to Die

OK, so this is definitely my slightly inappropriate parenting moment.  This is not exactly a baby item... however, nothing calms my baby down like Born to Die by Lana Del Rey.  And of course, since we are in Valentine's Day mode here, we love us some love songs (however twisted they may be!).  We sing.  We dance.  We bleep.  Perhaps I should invest in the edited version? ;)

3. Baby Gap Heart Jeans

Seriously.  See above.  Oh em gee.

Have an amazing Valentine's Day! We love to love over here in the Gluvers' house!

xoxoxo, Miss Emilia Cathleene

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