Monday, February 3, 2014

One Month

January 28, 2014

So teeny next to her owl

And we're done

My peanut turned one month on Tuesday of last week.  I still can't believe I'm old enough to be married, have two dogs, let alone be a mom! Dan and I certainly don't look old enough to be married, have to dogs, and a one month old, which makes for some interesting looks in our tiny town made up of 80% old people who drive "neighborhood electric vehicles" to Safeway to petition to end "co-ed showers" on college campuses.  True story.  All I can say is I hope when I'm a little old lady I have better things to do than ruin the lives of college students everywhere, amiright?

Anyway, we went to our one month check up today.  The nurse practitioner walked in and said hi to Emilia.  Em immediately gave her the biggest smile and the NP said, "Wow, she is so young to be so responsive!" Duh, that's how you get to Stanford, lady.  So, here are some stats on Emilia at one month old!

Weight: 8 pounds, 9 ounces (Still smaller than some newborns, but up to the 20th percentile! Go Em!)

Sleep: Good nights and bad nights.  Her first night as an official one month old she slept 8pm to midnight and mom rejoiced! Then she was up at 2, 4, 6, and 8 for snacks!

Why would I sleep when I could just stare at you with my big eyes instead?

Favorite Things: 
Dance time with dad! Emilia insists (and I mean, insists) that her Dad "dances" her to sleep.  This means bouncing, preferably to music, completely upright, until her eyes close.  Dad also learned the hard way that she does NOT want to be held in any other "normal" sleep position when she's with him :) 

Exhibits A, B, and C

Snuggle time with mom!  Miss Emi loves her mama.  I guess after hitching a ride as my little parasite for nine months, it makes sense that we are pretty much attached at the hip!

Bath time! Hands down! Best part of the night! Emilia is obsessed with her baths.  She literally kicks her feet up and relaxes while Dad holds her up and Mom pours the warm water on her.  Her bathtub is one of my favorite baby items we own. Check out below--I give my praises!

Emilia-isms: Emilia came out of her womb with a view giving dirty looks.  They are hilarious!  Her big, round eyes (straight from her daddy) are SO expressive.  I tell her all the time that she's going to need botox by 6 months if she keeps up all the furrowing :)  And in the last week/week and a half she has found her voice.  Not only does she coo like a professional baby, she yells.  It's hilarious.  I'll often get a few nice loud yells before she starts to cry, so I can usually intercept impending meltdowns these days!

Seriously girlfriend?

Highlight of the Month: My absolute favorite part about being a mom so far is having a tiny version of myself to hang out with all day.  I refer to her as my side-kick, mini-me, my amoeba attachment.  I love looking at her and seeing a teeny version of my nose.  And it is the coolest feeling when nothing else can calm her down, but me.  Just because I'm her mama.

Favorite Product: I thought I'd include a favorite products section, month by month, for any other new moms or moms to be!  Everything about having a baby is pretty much trial and error, so if this can eliminate a few errors for someone else, I'm happy to help!

4 Moms Infant Tub

This thing is amazing! It's pretty much Em's personal hot tub.  The clean water flows in as the dirty water flows out.  This also means the water temperature stays consistent the entire time she is in the tub.  But my absolute favorite feature is the constant temperature gauge that monitors the water temp and alerts you when the water is outside of their comfort zone.

And I am happy to report, Dan and I have successfully avoided crisis two nights in a row when Emi pooped in her bath and we were able to drain, clean, and refill this tub within 30 seconds and without a peep from the pooper :)

Love, Caitlin and Emilia


  1. I'm not sure how I survived without a "4 Moms Infant Tub" for you or your sisters. Back in the day not only did we have to walk to school in the snow, dial a telephone, and type a report on a typewriter, but we had to give babies a bath in a royal blue plastic tub with a simple yellow drain/plug! We had to use our wrist to test the temperature of the water. Boy have times changed in 26 years or for that matter 16 years since I had your baby sister!

    1. Snow... we all know you're from Anaheim Glam Cam...

    2. OK you got me, but I did walk to James M. Guinn along side a ton of oleanders and pretty much had an itching attack from those dang plants each and every day! So a bit of suffering my dear :)

  2. Darling post, Caitlin and funny reply from Grandma. So enjoying "Two bassetts and a Baby" so far!!! xoxo